PwaaSources' Practice


In this page, I have archived all of my practice quizes regarding the recent 2024-2023 World Scholar's Cup curriculums for you to practice by yourselves.
It is divided by practice platforms, as you can find here bowl simulations, challenge simulations, quizlets, kahoots, and more.


Try the Practice Bowls! (gonna add them soon)

Try the Quizlets I Use! (Some Made By You!)


Try the Practice Bowls! (I made them! Not a leak!)

if the bowl embeds don't work on the website, click on these buttons to download the bowls on your personal computer! PwaaSources Bowl #1 PwaaSources Bowl #4
you don't need microsoft accounts for these^. if you'd like to see the answers of these^ then go to the effects tab in the powerpoint! the answer choice with 2 effects is the right one. will be fixed soon.

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