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Hello Everyone!
I'm Nadav, the person who made, coded, and designed this website from scratch, as well as made the resources all by himself, created the practice bowls and challenges at 3am in his dark room, and the one operating this website.
Since last year I have seen how schools who are new to the WSC just don't stand much of a chance against schools with a vast history within the program - not that its anyone's fault!
That's why when this season begun, I decided to make this website, trying to support new schools and scholars and make them achieve the most, as well as have the most fun they can, just like I did in the 2022 season.
I am more than happy for each individual opening this website, whether it is to enrich your knowledge of the curriculum, get to know the program’s social events, practice by themselves or with their teams, join a global community of scholars, and even get to know me a little bit more.
After finally finishing this long term project, I will now be moving around schools physically (in Israel) and internet-ish-ically all around the world!
I can’t wait to meet you in global rounds all across the world and in ToCs later on! This year I'm flying to London, hoping to meet you there!!

I only have one request for you -- please share this website with your delegation, friends from other schools, and especially brand new schools to the program - you can't understand how helping you are!


These are the generous people who made all of the guides I am not as much experienced to write on.
Thank you to each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.

Person 1

Roee Cohen

Person 2

Liav Cohen

Person 3

Hagai Derzy

Person 7

Guy Vidra

Person 6

Daniel Yehoshua

Person 8

Karine Levy

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