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After dozens of all-nighters - this page is accessible to you all!
In this page, you can find and sign up as a scholar looking for teammates for a global round! All of the messages will be displayed here after admins approve them.
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~ 1 ~ senior for Toc hi my name is audrey from indonesia, we got 4th in regionals and 32nd in Bangkok Global Round wave 2, we were top 18 for bowl however one of our teammate isn’t able to go to Toc :( Please mail me if you have any inquiries
-2- TOC- Juniors- Fatma- Al Ittihad Private School- United Arab Emirates- I won 4th overall in Doha globals and 9th debate, 30th writing and 25th individual challenge- I’ve been doing wsc for 3 years, I’ve been to 2 globals and toc before- I’m searching for a team who work hard and study together but also have fun (preferably girls) my insta is fwx1._ and my number is (+971 0568516311)
We are looking for teammates for the kathmandu regionals
Hello my name is shivam I am looking for 2 teammates and I am going for dubai global round I am taking part in senior division my Instagram is @Shivam.karia
-2-Juniors-Nguyen Cat Tuong-Vinschool Golden River-Vietnam-First time joining the competition, have writing and debate award-teammates who are good at debate or scholar things and be serious with the
Bangkok-2-Juniors-Nguyen Cat Tuong-Vinschool Golden River (grade 6)-Vietnam-First time joining the competition, have debate and writing individual award-Teammates who are good at debate or scholar things -Email: -Phone number: 0363090202

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