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Art and music:

The school of Athens:

It's a well known renaissance fresco (wall painting) that depicts the famous philosophers of ancient athens discussing stuff, with plato and Aristotle in the middle talking with each other(plato in the left and Aristotle in the right), Pythagoras in the far left writing a book with people watching him, to the right we see Ptolemy talking to the astronomer zoroaster with a self portrait of raphael joining in the conversation.diogenes is sitting on the stairs half naked too.

Florence cathedral dome:

Another renaissance artwork, now centered on architecture. It's the largest masonry vault in the world and the dome of the Florence cathedral. It was built without a supporting structure and it has a lantern on top decorated with a copper sphere on top of the lantern.

The full name of the cathedral is the santa maria del fiore and the dome is known as filippo Brunelleschi's dome.

Cornelia pointing to her children as treasures:

It's a painting from around 1785 depicting cornellia, the second daughter of scipio africanus (the Roman general who conquered carthage) and she was very learnt in literature  and helped the political career of her children (like a roman tiger momma). She was the mothrr of the gracchi brothers (who were both tribunes of the plebs- a political position in rome meant to represent the lower class plebs in roman politics) who were known to try doing a land redistribution to increase roman social equality only to be assinated by the conservative optimates ( the roman senate was divided between the progressive pro-pleb populares who even got ceasar in and the conservative pro-patrician optimates who had people like pompeii in their ranks).

Ancient airs and dances:

A musical piece written by ottorino respighi in 1917. The piece is inspired by 16th-18th Italian classical music and it uses lutes.

Rebuilding ourselves:

The final boss song of the game eternal sonata, a rpg based on Chopin's works and is based on what would the polish composer dream of in his last hours before dying to tuberculosis at the age of 39. The game's battle system is based on playing music, as a result the final boss music is based on his piece "revolution".

Def leppard forgeries:

Def leppard is a music band labeled under universal music group. They got into a dispute with them over compensation (since artists are paid by their labels for a chunk of the money they make from the label). So they've recreated some of their music and dubbed it as forgeries. Problem is that it's hard to replicate the voice you had when you were 25 years younger, buut they still did so anyways.

Remaking old hits to solve licensing issues:

The article talks about how the band wung Chung rerecords some of their songs so that they'll be able to take all of the revenue from the song, instead of splitting it with the recordign label as it was done before. As said in the last article, it's hard to get the same voice you had wjen you were younger, but it can be doable. This is also because most ads nowadays use pop songs instead of jingles, thus allowign for more revenue for singers and labels alike.

All too well taylor swift version:

The song talks about how she and a guy used to be together and think they had a future together,only for that dream to shatter. The song was written about Taylor's relationship with jake gyllenhall. Taylor swift also tends to put the most emotional song in her album in the fifth place there, and this song fits the pattern.

99 red balloons:

Sung by nena,The song was originally in german and spread an anti war message at the height of the cold war in 1983. The song describes a story where a couple of kids buy 99 ballons and fly them to the sky, only for all of them to blow and for a bug in a radar to think they're a missle, thus causing a war, with everyone wanting to act like a hero in that case.

Chicago (multiple personality disorder edition):

The song describes the  experiences sufjan stevens had in chicago. Since he was born in detroit he went to chicago to escape, even selling his clothes to afford the trip. The main difference in the multiple personality disorder edition is hte order of the song, without a chorus between verse 1 and 2.

Dune visual design:

Patrice Vermette made the visuals for the movie dune, based on the frank herbert series about a low tech sci fi world filled with noble houses fighting , human computers and "spice" melange using witches (who also do a eugenics program lasting for several generations in order to spawn their version of the messiah), centered around paul atriedes and his journey into becoming the king of the human patrice used sources from the internet as well as descriptions and illustrations from the books to design an early storyboard with several other artists. They used mesopotamian, brutalist and brazilian architecture to design the city of arrakeen (the capital of the spice production desert planet arrakis that's also filled with spice producing massive worms) while using autumn themes to design Paul's ideal homeworld of caladan.

Art direction in the force awakens:

The article talks about how production designer rick carter , VFX designer james clyne and concept artist lain mccaig worked together to make the costmes, themes, ships and the entire sets in star wars. Clyne believes sets should reflect the mood. With sharp geometry and a "closed" space in the interrogation rooms for example. They based the imperial ships on the higgins boats in normandy , since their inspiration is gathered from historical data and modern art. Mccaig described the art team as a band that makes great music. They collaborate with each caring about a specific detail. Some rejected ideas later reappear as inspiration for better ones. And like a good jazz band, they sometimes imrpovise too.

Music in tron:legacy

Daft punk made the OST for the movie, and it's their 4th album in 14 years. They were inspired by the relationship between society and tech. Also before they released the OST there were a lot of fakes that trued to copy daft punk's style and predict what the music will sound like.  Daft punk doesn't really care about them. They love taking old Hollywood socres and remixing them and mashing them.


Cada día más cerca del fin del mundo:

The name means "every day is more closer to the end of the world" and it looks like an average wall in a schizo's home. It was made by mational book award finalist anthony cody and it was part of the july/august poetry foundation's acknowledgememts. The goofy ahh poem criticizes our society nowadays with our toxic social media, and us killing ourselves with burning fossil fuels instead of using green energy (science global warming crossover?). "wholeness" in the right section  connectes to "where will whale" on the left side.  the left words are a sort of a "slippery slope":first the whales are dying,than birds, than forest, than oceans, than living in general and than the air, also everything connects to fossil fuel

The swan:

It was written charles Baudelaire and it is about the changes happening to he city of paris. He poet laments the death of the old paris he knew and loved and how it is transformed into a new and unknown paris. He compares paris to a swan fleeing a cage, and uses matephores from greek mythology such as hector (the guy in the trojan war who fought achilles) and helenus.

Charles Baudelaire was a french poet born in 1821 and dying in 1867. He lived during the french industrial Revolution and the modernization of paris, which turned it from a slum to the city of lights we know it is today.

Sherlock netflix lawsuit:

Since the story of Sherlock Holmes by arthur Conan doyle is still protected under US copyright law (because copyright is a corrupt system), when netflix made enola holmes it was sued by Doyle's estate. This is because there are 10 sherlock stories who are still protected under copyright law, and in those stories sherlock holmes becomes less emotionally detached and more emotionally warm. And since in the enola holmes series enola (who is Sherlock's sister) and sherlock become more empathetic as time goes on. The defendants qrgued that emotions aren't protected by copyright law, and so it was dismissed by prejudice.


It's a homage to Homer's writings , with the names of the characters coming from the illiad and the Odyssey, but the etory being set in europe, the americas and the Caribbean. It depicts the lives of the people in the Caribbean and was made by derek walcott. The novel also talks about slavery and the need for a new identit and language in the new world.

Wide sergasso sea:

The article first talks about the book jane eyre (the prequel to sargesso sea), which starts with jane eure getting married to edward Rochester, only for the wedding to stop when it is realized he was already married to the white creole bertha mason, who lives in spanish town,jamaica. Rochester than explains that bertha is very stupid and brutish so ot doesn't matter (and he thinks that way because he's racist who thinks creoles are terrible). The writer of the book is jean rhys, a white creole descended from slave owners, and so the book talks a lot about racial identity in the Caribbean, in plantations and relations between creoles (whites, blacks or coloreds born in latin america and the caribbean) and the ruling classes of these areas-european born whites. White Creoles were seen as degenerates by other whites because they owned slaves and interacted with black people. The book was adapted to a movie called sargasso and to a play.

Deltarune article:

Deltarune is a follow up game to undertale, with similar characters and similar artstyle, but it isn't connected to undertale lore-wise and so isn't an undertale sequel. It has several mechanics unseen in undertale such as multiplayer combat. It's divided into chapters, with chapter one being about 3 hours of play. It's divided into chapters because developing deltarune is a massive project, and so it's easier to divide the story and the game to several episodes.

Episodic games article:

Games developed by telltale are episodic (like minecraft:story mode for example) and since they're successful, otuer game companies replicate their style of episodic games. In order for them to work, they require trust from the public (since the public needs to trust the game company that they'll finish the story in a good way), and actual work in lore and gameplay, while also allowing the player to make good choices. Also companies might make episodic games in the hopes of selling each part on its own, but that method tends to flop in the market. Companies should also listen to their audience.

Minecraft 2 article:

There's no need to make Minecraft 2 because of comstant updates and because of limitless option in the cirrent game. The Minecraft aesthetic is also timeless, and since it is online it offers new gameplay options all the time thanks to server and player interactions.


post saddam succession:
So at the 2000's there was a cold war between mommy Iran and daddy Saudi Arabia, and because they're too good to fight each other, they made the sunnis and shias in Iraq fight each other (both are versions of the Islam: Sunnis love Saudi Arabia, Shias love Iran). There was at the time Sadaam Hussein, a bad, yet hot dictator ruling Iraq with his reign of terror. Because of 9/11 and the US wanting to "disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, to end Hussein's support of terrorism, and to free the Iraqi people" the US grouped up with UK, Australia and Poland and other NATO forces to invade Iraq, and so they fucked up Iraq, (fact to remember: NATO forces gave its soldiers to play cards in which the bad people's names were, the more high rank arab it was, the more points itll grant you in cards-Hussein=Ace :D) killing daddy Hussein D: and overthrowing the Ba'ath party. But Uh-Oh! What will America do now? They didn’t plan for another ruler to rule the invaded Iraq! Now we have a power vacuum – nobody knows who will now be the ruler, and so USA fucking stressed up. And here we get to our mistake – instead of having a ruler that will resemble Iraq's citizens while also loving the USA, the United States decided to appoint Paul Bremer, an American diplomat who doesn't know shit about Iraq citizens but just led the invasion as the interim (=interregnum? :D) head of state to oversee the transition. In other words, he was supposed to rule Iraq untill US will find an Iraqi ruler who likes the US and is capable of ruling a country. Therefore, sunnis in Iraq hated Paul Bremer (US loved Iran, learn project AJAX), and also hated each other more (mommy and daddy weren't in good relations at that time), so there was a big civil war of sunnis vs shias + USA in there. Then, ayear later, the USA finally created an Iraqi-Shia stable republic, and that's the end like and subscribe. So what did we have here? US invading Iraq, because vacuum they put American in charge (bad decision), leads to civil war, but lastly creates an authentic republic.

-credit to nadav gil hacohav!

Soviet succession:

Soviet succession took several months or years since it was unstable (mostly because soviet system didn't have a planned system of succession), after Lenin's death it took several months for stalin to build his troika, consolidate power, wait for Trotsky's star to fall and than take power and remove the other 2 members of the troika. after stalin died Khrushchev did a similar thing, but now instead of building a personality cult for the former leader like stalin did to lenin in order to increase his own ppwer, Khrushchev destroyed the stalin cult and achieved similar results. Than after a decade of rule Khrushchev was deposed by Brezhnev and his alliance of party leaders. Both Brezhnev and stalin rose to power by giving loyalists more power and waitimg for the roght time. Putin's rise to power started at the KGB, and like Khrushchev he criticized the last ruler, who was yeltsin in his case.

Post castro cuba:

Fidel castro made cuba into a communist kleptocracy, and even after his death and the resignation of his brother raul , cuba still remained corrupt and barely functioning, with farmers selling their crops on the black market, blackouts happening and protests every week.

Bolivar's sword:

Simon bolivar was the revolutionary leader and liberator of gran columbia (now columbia, venezuela and equador) and he had a sword. That sword was stolen 17 years ago by M-19 members and now it has returned to columbia by that same organization. It was placed in a case in Bolivar's home turned museum, and was returned because M-19 became a legitimate politcal party and so needed to legitimise themselves. For a time only the commander of M-19 and two other People knew wjere the sword was.

Crown jewels:

Thomas blood stole them. He was irish and born to a wealthy family. While the english civil war happened he came to fight for the more pro-catholic king against the radical protestants of the parliament, only to switch sides and support cromwell instead. He got a nice estate, but when king charles returned he fled to ireland. He with other Cromwellians tried to take over dublin but failed, leading to him fleeing to holland, but despite having w bounty on his head he returned as a doctor with a fake  

Name to britain. He failed in kidnapping a lord which led to him trying to take the crown jewels.he disguised himself as a parson, made friends with the guard there and gave him nice gloves after the guard took him to his home when he had a stomach ache. He even tried set up his nephew with the guard's daughter, and when the two potential lovers got to meet each other to the guard went downstairs to unlock the door to the crown jewels, only to be knocked out by bloods. When bloods was captured he replied to the interrogators that he'll only respond to the king. When the king and the royal family answered to his demands bloods revealed that the jewels were worth only 6000 pounds. He wasn't only pardoned, but also given massive estates in ireland as a result of the conversation.


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The Conch

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National palace of mexico:

It was originally the palace of the aztec kings and served as a place for government functions as well, having a private room for the elders to settle disputes and act as judges.than after bring conquered the building was destroyed, only to be claimed by hernan cortez and serve as his rebuilt palace, than the spanish crown bought the palace from cortez' son martin and it was known as "palace of tje viceroy" since then and included governmental buildings around the area. It was set on fire during a dispute between the viceroy and the archbishop, with the latter's supporters doing an arson. Than it was rebuilt . When mexico became independent it was renamed to the national palace and experiences a lot of construction, with diego rivera even painting a fresco on the walls of the palace. It serves as the president's home now,and in 2014 it was vandalized by anarchists.

The kremlin:

Up to the 14th century the place was called "the grad of moscow", it was expanded by yuri dolgoruky and was sacked by the mongols. The grand dukes of Moscow lived there, and eventually the tzar. It was ruled by the poles for 2 years during the time of troubles, which allowed for the rise of the romanovs as it destroyed the older dynasty. Peter the great moved his residence from here to Saint Petersburg. The kremlin was abandoned and neglected until katherine the great decided to build her new residence there. The french held it durig the Napoleonic invasion. Napoleon ordered to blow up the kremlin but the fuse failed because of rain, with whatever damage being done getting repaired between 1816-1819. During soviet rule the kremlin became the soviet leader's residence with it being the home of russian leaders to this day.

Groote schuur:

It's a south african building originally owned by the dutch east india company and later bought by cecil rhodes who used it as a business and political headquarters. From 1910 to 1984 it was hte official home of south african Presidents. Nelson mandela and de klark signed the agreement to end apartheid there, and now it's a museum.

Bab al azizia:

It used to be Gaddafi's main military base until rebels captured it during the arab spring. Now it is a military base for the libyan tripoli government (there are 2 libyan governments in a perpetual civil war, one supported by turkey and centered in tripoli and the other supported by egypt and centered in benghazi)

Un succession:

Some people want a woman as the secretary general of the UN, since women suffer from wars. Also there has never been a russian/central asian as secretary general so that's a thing too

Resolution 75-325:

The resolution was about setting a more open process for election of secretary general, but in reality it lead to the opposite result.


Delta works:

It's a series of projects around the rhine-meuse-scheldt delta in the Netherlands made to reduce risks of floods. It consists of dams, dikes,barriers and storm barriers. It was built after the north sea flood of 1953, and was originally intended to also create a freshwater lake in zeeland, but thanks to environmentalist and fisherman activism the plan was changed, and so the delta works were "built with nature", but damages to flora and fauna still happened as a result. Because of climate change the dikes would be bigger as time goes on,but the dikes were declared finished in 1997.

Messinian crisis:

A geological event during the messinian age (5 million years ago) when the Mediterranean sea almost dried up because of the closing of the Gibraltar strait, which led to the former sea becoming a desert, with small pockets of sea that were similar to the dead sea. Than the Gibraltar strait reopened, which led to the sudden reflooding  of the Mediterranean by the Atlantic Ocean.

Continuous global farming:

The article says that humans started to alter their environment more than 3000 years ago, with the switch from hunter gatherer to farmer lifestyle starting 10000 years ago and bejng completed 3000 years ago. Since humans started to alter the environment by then, those researchers suggest that the anthropocene (or the age of the human, which is a geological term referring to the era when humans started to impact the geology of the area) has begun way earlier than we usually think, however the study didn't find a change in rock formation and record from that time, thus it is proven null.

Shrinking of the aral sea:

The soviets were terribly inefficient with resource management and with production, so they had an idea to massively grow cotton ( a crop that needs a lot of water and sunlight to grow) in the middle of the central asian desert. they needed water for that, so they used the rivers that bring water to the aral sea, thus leading ot the aral sea shrinking.

Year without summer:

It was 1816,and mount tambora erupted in the dutch east indies. The eruption caused a decrease of 1 celsius degree throughout the year,which caused massive famines, floods and turned the summer cold. Volcanic ash even caused the summer snow to be brown and red. Corn was especially harmed , which caused famines and death of livestock all across the world and north america. It also inspired people to research horseless transportation since a lot of horses died, as well as causing the mass migration of americans from new england to modern day "middle america" and new york, which also included the family of joseph smith, the founder of mormonism.


A proposed utopian planned city announced in september 2021 by billionaire marc lore who also was the president of walmart. It is planned to house 5 million people in 2050. He plans a new economic system called "equitism" which will be more equal capitalism based on creating wealth more fairly. It is planned to be built on a desert in america, built so that everything in there will be 15 minutes of distance at most, with a massive skyscrapper called  equitism tower being the beacon of the city and including aeroponic farms and warer storage facilities. Land ownership will be georgist (which means shared ownership of the land by the residents with everyone being able to build sell and buy there).


It was a proposed engineering and colonization project, that planned to drain the Mediterranean sea by building a massive hydroelectric dam in Gibraltar, thus turning some parts of the sea into usable farmland and making lots of electricity. A dam between sicily and Tunisia and the Dardanelles was also proposed. The project was about promoting pacifism, european unity by building it, as well as colonizing Africa and turning it to "eurafrica" which could act as a powerful geopolitical block. Because of a lack in Cooperation between Mediterranean countries and the fact that the new lands wouldn't be arable but rather salted lands. It was inspired by the messinian crisis.

Sahara sea:

It's a proposed engineering project based on creating drainage basins in the sahara desert that would allow water from the atlantic ocean and the red sea to flow there. It was first proposed by scotish entrepreneur and abolitionist donald Mackenzie who wanted to build a channel starting north from cape juby, which will allow water to flow there and create a sea that would also connect with the niger river, thus allowing for west africa to be connected with the wider world. Similar basins under sea level could be found in egypt,tunisia and algeria. When it was found that many areas were not under sea level it was rejected by tje french government. However a newer proposal suggested using nukes to dig the channel but it was rejected too. The qattara depression project (that would create an artifical lake in the desert with water coming from the aswan dam) in egypt desired to achieve a similar result but it was mever implemented.

Clear skies in delhi:

Because of covid people didn't use cars and couldn't work in non essential factories, and as a result pollution went down super fast which allowed for new delhi to have clear skies, which is unusual since new delhi air is normally 20 times more polluted than the safe limit imposed by the WHO .

Dolphins in venice:

Because of covid the tourism and boating industry in venice shut down, so people posted fake news articles and tweets about how nwture is healing, with pictures of dolphins in "venice" (the photos were taken in sardinia) and swans returning (there are always swans in the islands near venice itself). However the air is cleaner and the water is clearer

Floating cities in venus:

The upper atmosphere of venus has similar temperature, pressure and gravity as on earth, so it makes sense to build floatign cities that would float in the somewhat habitable areas of venus. Since the main gasses in venus are sulphuric acid and CO2, gasses that are common in earth, such as oxygen and nitrogen would be lfiting gasses,much like helium on earth, so by creating a bubble filled with earth air you could create a suitable place to live in venus. The main problem would be the sulphuric acid and the corrosion it would do to the city.

Satellites near asteroids:

The planet ceres is a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt, so by building several connected o'neil cylinders (massive rotating cylinders in space that could create earth like pressure and gravity by rotating). Since ceres is rich with nitrogen, it can be used to create the artificial atmosphere for the cylinders, and since ceres is a low gravity planet, building a space elevator between the cylinders and ceres would be easy. The main problem in colonizing space is the fact that low gravity destroys bones and muscles. The mega satellite he plans will be composed of several interconnected O'Neill cylinders with a space elecator. It would also include sun mirrors that would reflect light. Jeff bezos talked about buildign O'Neill cylinders and he plans on building them. Problem is that ceres doesn't have much outside of rocks and nitrogen, and the fact that we don't have the tech to build autonomous mining vehicles that would mine said materials from ceres.

Social studies:

Fairphone 4:

Most phones are designed to be replaced after 2-3 years, but not the fairphone 4! This phone is meant to last a decade. This is done by being able to replace its parts. Phones are treated like fashion items, with new versions coming every year. The fairphone even comes with a screw that helps you open it. Parts of the phone can be replaced with a screw,and can be easily reassembled again. The fairphone runs on android and it's normal, but the phone gets updates for more than 6 years after being produced. It is slower and the camera is slightly worse, but it's good compared to the fact it's built by a startup company of 110 people

Hillary clinton rebrand:

Hilary was rebranded many times in our culture,tearing up when needed, displaying herself as a mom, a wife and a strong independent woman (sometimes at the same time). Problem is that she isn't likeable. They claim that she lost to trump because of a double standard that demands women to be nice and pleasant and men to be strong and blunt. Trump built his brand on being anti establishment, which means he can get away with everything and offensive comments onlu strengthen his image.

Burberry rebranding:

Burburry clothes used to be associated with luxury, even making the coats of the royal family and those of WW1 soldiers. But now their clothing is associated with "gang wear, which results in them becoming less popular because it looked like shit. Also the company mismanges their resources. So now they're rebranding by getting endorsed by celebs and by building a bigger online space for their brand, with their site being advertised everywhere and making a monogram that pays homage to the original founder. It worked and the company reaches new heights

Facebook to meta:

In 2021 mark Zuckerberg renamed his company to meta, because he decided his company will now focus on the metaverse. He wants to build the metaverse into a new world and make ready player one in real life. The timing for the change is sus because internal documents showed that the company is in trouble. He believes that in the future people will spend time in a 3d internet and he thinks NFT and crypto will play a big role there. He builds the metaverse on a software called horizon. As of now the plan doesn't really work as a lot of meta employees leave.

Lego revival:

Lego used to be on the berge of bankruptcy, when ole kirk Christiansen founded the first branch in denmari, they built toys like yo-yos,onlh for the original business to be burnt down, rebuilt and than destroyed by the nazis. He started building the bricks we know and love today, and in 1947 started using plastic instead of wood, which made lego super popular and successful. He died in 1958 and his son replaced him. In the 70's kjeld kirk Christiansen continued the family rule over lego and introduced stuff like the technic sets and action minifigures. There are aspects that every business need to learn from lego:

1.respect what made you great

2.listen to the core audience

3.inmovate and tinker with your stuff all the time.

Video games and knock offs made lego take a hit in their sales, to which they responded with making fashion lego sets and using motors, lights and sound effects in their legos.this led to the brand getting diluted and being almost bankrupt in 2003. So what they did to rise back was halve the amount of lego pieces produced and sell legoland parks, as well as stop selling failed lego sets. He switched his research team to kids,since they tell you what they think,as well as investing in their adult fans and nostalgic parents. By focusing on the wisdom of crowds, exploring new markets and changing the culture of the design team lego has replicated what made apple successful.

Ihop rebranding:

Ihop is a pancake house restaurant chain, but they changed their name from "international house of pancakes" to "international house of burgers", all while not changing anything in the branding outside of that. It failed because no one goes to ihop to buy burgers, it's not a normal evolution of their brand but rather a revolution, and everyone (including the twitter accounts of other fast food joints) mocked them for that

Gap rebrand:

In 2010 gap almost destroyed their brand by changing their known logo to something elwe entirely, and only that. They didn't signal to their customers about the change by being gradual about it, and they had no real reason to change their logo than just for the sake of it. Everyone dunked on them and so after 6 days they switched it back, saving themselves from their mistake.

Old spice rebrand:

Old spice is a deodorant , soap cologne company. They used to be popular and were associated with sophisticated older gentlemen, but as time went on young people didn't buy their products. So they made the swagger campaign that targeted young people really hard, and sold them the idea that their products can make nerds into chads. The campaign worked and now they're still successful.

Airbnb rebrand:

Airbnb redesigned their site in an attempt to make a bigger offline presence. The design team for the new logo asked users all over the world what they liked about airbnb the most,while also researching tech company logos, to find out that tech companies play it safe with blue colors, while the main thing with airbnb is the feeling of belonging, which is why the new airbnb logo has the more warm magneta color and looks like a heart,a location pin and the letter A. It worked unlike gap's redisign because that redesign had "a story", with the logo connecting to the actual stuff they're selling. They also launched a tool called "create" that lets you design your own version of the airbnb logo, thus making the consumers connect more with the rebrand,with the users of the create function being able to use that new logo in their airbnb house.

Snapchat redesign:

The redesign focused on splitting "media" content from "friends" content. This made many features more difficult and so people didn't like the new feature, with a petition reaching million supporters.

Snapchat pulling back:

The redesign sucked, so they've added the stories to the discover option.

Twitter font update:

As we know twitter people are poopy brained,so when twitter changed their site to be less cluttery and less blue they raged. They asked a fix to gifs instead of making a new font. But really twitter still got a lot of likes for the tweet announcjng the update so maybe it is less clear if people like or hate it.

Special area

Logical fallacies:

Ad hominem: attacking the person who made the argument instrad of thr argument itself, basically name calling

Straw man: attacking a differen, and easy to debunk argument than the one originally proposed

Appeal to ignorance: saying that since no evidence was found to the contrary it must be true. "No one found aliens, so aliens aren't real"

False dichotomy: presenting two extremes as a rebuttal when more options exist

Slippery slope: arguing that if a certain thing would happen, a worse event is bound to happen too

Circular arguments: when they repeat arguments they assumed before without arriving at a new conclusion

Hasty generalization: when you use a couple of examples as proof instead of substantial proof.

Red herring: a distraction that shifts attention away from the original argument

Appeal to hypocrisy: when you claim your opponent is a hypocrite by accusing the other side at the same problem as yours

Causal fallacies: when you connect cause and effect in a wrong way

Sunk cost: when you believe that since a decision has costed you, you must continue on with it to make it profitable. Most common in gambling addicts

Appeal to authority: when you misuse the opinion of am authority figure to make your argument better

Equivocation: when a word is specifically used to comfise the other side

Appeal to pity: make them pity you to make your argument stronger

Bandwagon fallacy: arguing that something is true because other people said so


It's a term for when you copy someone else unconsciously. It happens because writers base their knowledge and writing on shared cultural and personal knowledge, and so they'd inevitably use aspects of that cultural knowledge, sometimes even copying it unknowingly.

Never ending second:

The rules of fencing are to hit your opponent's body with your fence and if you manage to do that you get a point. In fencing honor is valuable and so cheating scandals aren't common, but in 2012, in the Olympics' women fencing competiton when britta heidemman fought against shin a lam. In this game shin a lam had "priority" (which meant that if both competitors hit one another at the same time in the last minute, only shin would get the point. In that minute the scores stayed at 5-5, but heidemman gave a lot of hits that were sadly countered all of them, but for some reason in the ladt jits the clock always showed 1 second. So heidemman repeated the hits again and again and agin, was countered again and again, and the timer was always reset. After checking for the clock it was reset, and shin appeared to have won, but the elapsed time didn't count so shin didn't win yet. So heidemman had another second, which meant another chance to defeat shin, which she used and eventually won. The koreans launched an appeal, which also meant that shin couldn't leave the stage before the appeal was imvestigated, only for the judges to decide that britta has won. Shin remained on the pist crying for 70 minutes in total before being escorted by fencing officials.

Native land acknowledgement:

Native americans owned lands, white people took their land and built universities there, those universities are now populated by guilt filled progressives who now want to remember and honor the natives that they took the land from. So land acknowledgememt is a common practice in canada, australia and new zealand. Basically the university makes a statement/brochure that apologizes for taking the lands of natives.

Land acknowledgement are empty gestures article:

Indeginous people think that land acknowledgements mean nothing and are hollow and problematic, since it implies that the natives weren't just stewards snd caretakes of the land but actual nations being there and also oversimplifies the native origin of the lands they're on

National sorry day:

In Australia, the 26 of may is a day when austrlians apologize to aborigines for living jn australia and forcibly removing them from their families (the australian government kidnapped aborigine children and gave them to other families. Even today aborigine children are 10 times more likely to be removed from their family (though that's because the aborigine community is incredibly poor and has problems such as rampant substance abuses and homelessness)

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